Family Liaison Officer Training


Family Liaison Officer – role and skills

Family Liaison Officers are typically deployed to support families in cases of murder, health & safety related deaths, manslaughter and related life changing incidents. These situations also include road collisions and mass disaster, either natural (such as a Tsunami) or man made (terrorist). Family Liaison support is also frequently used to help others affected by the incident such as work colleagues .

Sancus training delivers the skills and knowledge required in the critical role of a Family Liaison Officer (FLO), a specialist post within the police service. However, these skills are now frequently called upon within other organisations such as the Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, the Armed Forces, HM Prison Service, NHS and schools. In fact anywhere that a friendly and approachable contact is needed between the authorities and bereaved families.

Family Liaison Support training would also be extremely beneficial for members of bodies such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission and victim support organisations enabling them to gain a greater understanding and insight into this demanding role.


Family Liaison Officer Training

Our training allows students to learn the underpinning skills and knowledge prior to deployment into the family. It covers the overall role, grief and bereavement management , victimology and data comms, understanding the role of the Police Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), the coroner and the media.

A case scenario takes the delegates through from the initial deployment, through the role of the SIO, the importance of record keeping and logs, viewings, sign posting support services and court proceedings. It includes understanding the role of supporting agencies, such as  probation services, and finally the return of property and exit strategies.

You’ll benefit from training that is current and up to date with all national guidance and current forms ie new Disaster Victim Identification Interpol forms.

The role of family liaison is crucial and the cost of getting it wrong can only be measured in the distress caused to families and the impact of negative publicity.  Such cases as the Stephen Lawrence murder, where the family needs are still being addressed over 20 years later and the impact on the investigation and the police as a whole, have been immeasurable, not to mention the loss of faith the public have had.


Family Liaison Officer Courses

Sancus FLO training is based upon and complies with the College of Policing  FLO guidelines to ensure that family liaison officers provide a professional and caring service.

For non-police organisations we take this comprehensive package and working in partnership we will tailor it to your needs and requirements.

Sancus Family Liaison Officer skills training can be delivered for your organisations, at a venue of your choice for up to 12 delegates.

Because of the specialist nature of this training it is beneficial for us to discuss your exact needs and requirements.

Please contact us and our senior course trainer will be pleased to arrange a consultation.


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