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Investigating Serious Incidents In Healthcare

Investigating Serious Incidents In Healthcare

The Sancus Investigating Serious Incidents In Healthcare training is an SFJ Awards accredited three day course which will equip delegates with the skills to successfully carry out such investigations.

Serious incidents are where the potential for learning is so great, or the consequences to patients, families and carers, staff or organisations are so significant, that they warrant using additional resources for a comprehensive response.

This ‘in-house’ course will demonstrate how an investigation should be structured and carried out. Delegates will learn the principles of planning an investigation, recovering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Incorporated in the learning is adopting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) approach to identify the true cause of the incident.

The qualification covers the following topics:

  • The principles of investigating serious incidents
  • The initial review of an incident
  • Investigating a serious incident
  • Investigative questioning and interviews
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Completing an investigation

Delegates who successfully complete this training will be awarded a Level 5 Qualification from SFJ Awards.

The course is suitable for all those from Healthcare organisations who have a responsibility to investigate serious incidents.

This will include NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals, Ambulance Trusts and Charities.


North West Ambulance Service

“The course was very interesting and the examples discussed fro the tutors previous role gave insight and clarity to why planning process and consistency are so important in investigations. I thought the discussions around Bias were interesting from an organisational perspective.” NWAS – 7th Feb

“This was an excellent course, relevant to my role with good pointers as to how to conduct investigations and equally important what not to do. I feel much more confident and prepared for this role now. The course trainer really new her subject and put the course across well, making it interesting and humorous A day well spent looking forward to the level two course now.” NWAS – 7th March


“I found the day to be very useful and engaging. The session was well balanced with good material and group discussion and was very enjoyable overall. I would especially like to mention how well the day was facilitated and delivered by Ann the trainer, she was superb from start to finish.” NWAS – 7th March

North West Ambulance Service

“Quite simply, the best and most relevant course I’ve ever attended! The trainer Ann, was outstanding, she kept the whole room fully engaged throughout and made sure that everyone participated equally. The subject matter was brilliant and I have taken so much away from this course, it was that good I would do it again.” NWAS – 23rd March

“I thoroughly enjoyed our investigations training on Friday 23 March 2018, Ann Beswick our instructor was outstanding in all aspects of the course. Ann was very informative, encouraged each and every individual to get involved in the group exercises and most of all she made it fun. Ann checked on our understanding regularly throughout the day by referring back to our course objectives. A truly fabulous day all round, thank you Ann and Sancus, I have learnt so much and will definitely be using these new skills in my investigations role.” NWAS – 23rd March

“Very informative and useful course, with lots of information to assist in the job we do. Ann is a very knowledgeable trainer, and I would definitely recommend the course to others.” NWAS – 23rd March