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Sancus are always keen to recruit high quality consultant investigation skills trainers. Why not send us your CV? We will never pass your personal details to a third party unless required to do so by law.

Can you also indicate by ticking the appropriate boxes any specific subjects you train.

Please be selective! Before you tick a box ask yourself three questions –

  • Have I got a good recent track record of delivering training in this area?
  • Have I kept myself up to date in the subject material and could I evidence this if asked?
  • If Sancus asked me to deliver training in this subject tomorrow could I confidently accept?

If the answer to all three questions is ‘Yes’ then please  tick the appropriate boxes.

If you feel less than confident in specific areas then please feel free to submit your CV without highlighting any specific areas.

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Areas of expertise
ABEAnti CorruptionBriberyChild ProtectionCorporate ManslsughterCourtroom SkillsCrime Scene InvestigationCritical IncidentsDisaster Victim IdentificationDisclosure of Unused MaterialDomestic ViolenceFile preparationFinancial InvestigationFLOForensic ScientistGeneral InvestigationICIDPInternet InvestigationInterviewingIPLDP/CKPLeadershipLicensingMediaNational Intelligence ModelProfessional StandardsProfessionalising the Investigation ProgrammePublic OrderRIPARoad PolicingSafeguardingSenior Investigating OfficerSexual OffencesVulnerable AdultsOther please specify

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