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Kidnap and Extortion Training

Is your organisation potentially vulnerable to kidnap, extortion or product contamination?

The human cost of these potentially terrifying incidents can be immense both to your staff and their loved ones. Sancus Kidnap and Extortion Training can be a surprisingly cost effective way to ensure you are as well prepared as you can possibly be to respond should the unthinkable happen.

Kidnapping can occur in many forms, including tiger kidnaps where a hostage is taken (often a family member or co-worker) in order to force the victim to assist a theft.

Extortion is a catch all term for many criminal activities such a blackmail or product contamination, the common factor being the making of threats usually to seek a payment of money.

The true extent and frequency of these ‘crimes in action’ is unknown as they are often not reported due to fear or intimidation. There will also be serious consequences to your organisation’s financial stability, reputation and even ability to continue to trade or carry out your day to day work. The potential for damage can be drastically reduced or even avoided by taking sensible steps to ensure you are ready to respond.

No two organisations are the same and our kidnap and extortion training inputs can range from an overview lasting just a few hours to full blown exercises or simulations based on your precise circumstances. There is also the facility to work with you to ensure your plans, policies and procedures already in place to deal with these incidents are workable and proportionate. The input will be bespoke to your own unique circumstances.

Our Kidnap and Extortion Trainers

The courses are led by John Francis and John Tyrer, two of the UK’s leading experts who have many years experience the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and between them have managed over 200 cases of kidnap, tiger kidnap and extortion. Both are also trained hostage negotiators.

John Francis is a vastly experienced investigator who has specialised in dealing with kidnap and extortion for twelve years. As a senior officer with Lancashire Constabulary, The National Crime Squad and latterly five years as with the Serious and Organised Crime Agency where he attained the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent John has dealt with more than two hundred kidnap and extortion investigations. John is also a trained hostage negotiator, Red Commander and Kidnap Controller.

John Tyrer  has over 38 years experience in law enforcement with the Greater Manchester Police, National Crime Squad and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. In 2001 John became  a Branch Commander for the National Crime Squad and later an acting Detective Superintendent for the North West of England. He became a ‘Controller’ for all the resources that were utilised by the NCS, in the investigaion of kidnap situations and extortion, directing and giving advice to Police forces and in some cases large companies regarding the investigation of such cases.

At the inception of the Serious Organised Crime Agency John continued in the role, as a Senior Officer with the agency and successfully worked on numerous high profile cases of kidnap, blackmail and extortion, both in the UK and overseas.


If you are looking for training or consultation then please contact us for an initial discussion which is completely free from any obligation on your part.


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