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You wouldn’t dream of finishing work and leaving the office door unlocked but are your electronic devices as secure?


“Protect Your Business From Cybercrime”

– why should you attend our workshop?


Financial loss, data theft, reputational damage and severe fines relating to information security breaches are just some of the consequences. Protect yourself and your business by having an understanding of how to prevent this huge growth in attacks.

  • Do you know what a phishing email looks like?
  • Do you know what social engineering is – are you vulnerable?
  • Do you know how cyber criminals target you and your business?
  • Do you fully understand your responsibilities in relation to personal data

The interactive two hour workshop is led by Colin Tansley, a former law enforcement officer and intelligence specialist who retired at senior level from the police service.  An experienced investigator, he possesses extensive knowledge of the Internet. He has delivered training for more than sixteen years and specialises in areas where crime and the internet collide.

After attending the workshop you will come away with a practical tool kit containing guidance to ensure your risk of damage from a cyber attack is significantly reduced.

Who should attend the “Protect Your Business From Cybercrime” workshop?

This workshop is aimed at all who own or are involved in the running of small and medium size businesses where Information Technology is used to store data or communicate.

What does the two hour workshop cover?

This interactive two hour workshop will explain and demonstrate:

  • The most common ways that Cybercrime can manifest itself – including ransomware, phishing, data theft and social engineering
  • How to recognise potential attacks and how to respond safely
  • Common sense and proportionate steps you can take to reduce the chances of your business becoming victim to this growing menace

Course Enquiries

If you would like more information about this workshop and how it could benefit your prganisation please contact Sancus

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