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Safeguarding Workshop

Learning The Lessons From Savile

Safeguarding training lessons

Safeguarding Workshop – Learning The Lessons From Savile

The lessons from the Savile investigations are highly relevant to modern day organisations, in both the public and private sectors.

This one day Safeguarding Training course exposes the myths around Jimmy Savile and reveals the vital lessons that can be learnt from how he operated and how he was able to go undetected for over five decades. Many people still believe that his victims were young, vulnerable girls instead of the many that were educated, professional adults and that his offending was just a sign of the times, when different social attitudes existed toward women and children. Yet, he was still offending in 2009, when he was 82 years old.

The lessons from Savile remain hugely important and relevant to modern organisations and they will not be addressed simply via the existence of a whistle blowing or similar policy. Learn how Savile permeated the culture of the organisations in which he operated around the country, how his behaviour came to be accepted, how he ‘hid in plain sight’ and why his victims did not speak up.

The course is presented by Ray Galloway who led the investigation into the events in Leeds.  Ray is a former senior police officer who then went on to direct the NHS Savile Legacy Unit, which oversaw all other NHS investigations across the country.

Safeguarding – Savile the background

The sexual abuse perpetrated by Savile went on for over five decades and took place in organisations that extend the length and breadth of the country. Savile’s abuse was often opportunistic but, on many occasions, he conspired with others and carefully planned his offending. His victims were not all young, vulnerable girls, many of them were professional, educated adults, who, for a variety of reasons chose not to speak out against him. They were men, women, boys and girls, ranging from 5 years to 75 years of age.

His offending was not limited to times when social attitudes to women and children were different, Savile was still offending in 2009, just two years prior to his death. There are many, vital lessons to be learnt from how Savile operated, the methods he used and how he managed to go undetected for so long.

Safeguarding - click here to watch the video

Safeguarding – click on the image to watch the video

Safeguarding – the workshop

The one day safeguarding workshop relating to the Savile investigations will address the following,

How did Savile operate?

How did he go undetected for so long?

Who did he work with?

How did his behaviour come to be accepted?

What factors inhibited his victims from reporting their abuse?

How should victims be managed?

How should allegations be investigated?

What constitutes a risk?

How can risks be managed?

How can volunteers be managed?

How can managers remain informed?

What makes an effective safeguarding policy?

The objective of this workshop is to equip leaders and staff to create a professional environment in which all are safe, valued and able to work to their full potential, supported by managers and processes in which all have confidence and which enable concerns and complaints to be dealt with effectively.

Too many organisations complacently believe that the modern culture of challenge, combined with a whistle blowing policy, is sufficient to create such an environment. 

Safeguarding Workshop – Learning The Lessons From Savile

  • London 
  • 10am – 3pm Monday 18th June 2018
Please contact Sancus for more details

Safeguarding Feedback – Manchester November 2017

“The subject matter was fascinating and Ray’s knowledge along with his humour and emotional recounts of some of his interactions with Saville’s victims made the input even more compelling.” – NO Lancashire Constabulary

“A well presented and informative day with an engaging speaker. A worthwhile event with a good mix of information and question/discussion opporrtunities”. – AB

“Excellent training. Ray was a subject expert and his delivery style kept the audience engaged. Most enjoyable day and I learned a lot I am so glad I was able to attend. The learning from the investigation is relevant to all organisations and needs implementig”. – AN Norfolk Police