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Vehicle Digital Forensics Masterclass

This one day masterclass will provide an overview of vehicle infotainment systems and how they can provide a vital tool for investigators of serious and complex crime where a vehicle has been used including fatal and serious collisions. With the increasing amount of technology that is being accommodated into our vehicles there is a potential treasure trove of data being captured from the infotainment system that is currently being overlooked by investigators. Data types can include favourite locations, recent destinations, navigation history, call logs, contact lists, SMS messages (content), vehicle events such as when and where a vehicles lights are turned on, which doors are opened and closed at specific times and connected devices whether over Bluetooth / Wifi / Cable. We will discuss a wide range of topics within this area including some of the technology behind the systems, best practice on recovery of the vehicle, considerations for CSI examinations, evidencing the data and disclosure.



Crime Example

Murder committed by individuals that attend an address in a vehicle and carry out the murder. Investigation reveals three suspects. Vehicle is recovered and examined and data reveals vehicle attended address at time but all four doors opened suggesting fourth suspect.

Roads Policing Example

Fatal Road traffic collision and offending driver on the phone. Driver states was carrying out the call via hands free, using the vehicles infotainment system to dial the number and make the call. Examination of vehicle reveals the phone was not connected to the vehicle at the time of the collision.



  • Infotainment and Telematics overview
  • Data types recoverable
  • Compatible / Non Compatible Vehicles
  • Extraction Techniques (support) – Replacement modules
  • Police Audience – Collision Investigation / Digital Forensics
  • System Removal / Vehicle Networks
  • Crime Scene Considerations and Vehicle Recovery
  • Best Practice in Recovery / Report Writing
  • Disclosure issues
  • Locked Phones such as iphone 7 can still access via car
  • Complimentary or primary source of data for investigators
  • Scenario / case study / Q&A / Mop up.

Target Audience

  • Investigators of serious and complex crimes
  • SIO’s
  • Road Death SIO’s
  • Detectives
  • Road Death Investigators
  • CSI
  • Forensic Collision Investigators
  • Vehicle Examiners
  • Digital Forensic Investigators


Course Enquires      

Please contact Sancus for further details.