Controlled Drug Accountable Officer Feedback

Last week, Sancus delivered its “Controlled Drug Accountable Officer” training in York. This was our two-day comprehensive public course designed to enable Accountable Officers and those supporting them to develop confidence in their roles and responsibilities.

It’s one of our most popular courses and we’ve had some great feedback from the delegates and in particular for our trainers Gail and Graham…


“The course has certainly given me food for thought about the enormity of the role and the resources and board level knowledge required. I have a very large to do list. The facilitators where good, mixing real life with theory and I certainly enjoyed joint discussions with other colleagues.”


“I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the course. The time flew by and both Gail and Graham were excellent facilitators. The course delivery was varied and interesting with lots of interaction. I came away with several actions and ideas to progress having completed the course. Thank you.”


“Have just completed the Sancus Accountable Officer course. It is absolutely one of the best courses in my career I have attended. Fabulous content and presentation. Would highly recommend.”


“Friendly, knowledgeable trainers, who used multiple presentation techniques to meet all learning styles Excellent use of scenarios and group participation with regular summary and checks on learning and understanding Relaxed teaching style, approaching a serious subject in a well-prepared, logical and supportive manner. Good to have trainers who show their own personality and share their experiences. I usually ‘zone out’ when sitting in a class all day but was kept fully engaged throughout this course Highly Recommended Thank you to Gail and Graham.”

We always welcome feedback in any form, to have a chance to influence your training take the survey. CDAO Survey

We look forward to meeting the next group of delegates on our next public course in London on the 24th April.