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Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training

Controlled Drug Accountable Officers are responsible for the safe management and use of Controlled Drugs within their organisation along with co-operating and sharing information relating to concerns about their use and management under the Controlled Drugs (Supervision of Management and Use) Regulations 2013. Controlled Drug Accountable Officer Training is invaluable and our accredited courses are ideal to count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Two Day Comprehensive Training Package

We offer frequent two day comprehensive Controlled Drug Accountable Officer training packages delivered at regional venues throughout the year.  We also offer bespoke ‘in house’ training packages tailored for individual organisations and delivered at a venue of your choice. Our course has been designed in consultation with NHS trainers, the Association of Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officers and Accountable Officers. It will enable Accountable Officers and those supporting them to develop confidence in their roles and responsibilities. The training is delivered by an experienced former Accountable Officer and our lead Investigations trainer.


The course looks at

  • Why we are here, and covers the background to the legislation and legislation updates.
  • Introducing practical tips for performing the role and covers advice and information about who is there to support you.
  • Corporate governance and the use of Standard Operating Procedures  – these are issues that would be scrutinised during a Care Quality Commission inspection.

One of the roles of a Controlled Drug Accountable Officer is to investigate or to oversee investigations conducted on their behalf. A question to ask yourself is, If an incident arose, would my investigations at present stand up to the detailed scrutiny which would ultimately happen? The investigations training incorporated into the course will give you a working knowledge of the relevant legislation which you can then apply to all of your investigations, giving you confidence in the knowledge that you could withstand scrutiny at any level.

  • As the course progresses the role is brought to life through the use of a scenario, which gradually builds and informs group discussions.
  • Real life case studies will be discussed and attendees will learn from each other’s experiences.

*Note – Certificates of attendance are provided to all delegates who complete the 2 Day Controlled Drug Accountable Officer course which can then be used as evidence of 12 hours of CPD for appraisal and re validation purposes. 


Annual Refresher

We also offer an annual one-day refresher Controlled Drug Accountable Officer training, again at regional venues, bringing Accountable Officers up to date with developments over the last two years. *The two-day CDAO package is a pre-requisite for attending.*


Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training – Courses


Two Day Accountable Officer Training – 2020

Manchester – venue to be confirmed

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th May 2020

  • Two Day – Cost per delegate £855+vat
  • Discount available for charity organisations(10%) and returning customers (5%)

5% discount if booked before 31st March 2020 – use code DiscountCDAO at checkout 

Two Day Accountable Officer Training – 2020

Bristol – venue to be confirmed

Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th June 2020

  • Two Day – Cost per delegate £855+vat
  • Discount available for charity organisations(10%) and returning customers (5%)

 5% discount if booked before 31st March 2020 – use code DiscountCDAO at checkout


‘In House’ Controlled Drug Accountable Officer Training.

‘In House’ Accountable Officer training is for organisations who wish to arrange their own venue for their delegates at a time convenient to them. Outline details for this course are.,

  • £3662 +vat (travel and accommodation costs for 2 trainers not included)
  • Limited to 12 delegates per course
  • Discounts available for charity organisations (10%) and returning customers (5%) – contact us for details

Discounted fee £3550+vat (travel and accommodation costs for 2 trainers not included)


If you are a smaller organisation and perhaps feel that an ‘in house’ course may not be viable due to limited delegates

we can offer further discounts if your organisation supplies a venue and Sancus takes responsibility for selling the extra places.


Contact us to discuss these options



CDAO – Course Feedback

Feedback – 2 Day CDAO Course (In House)

Wetherby May 2019

HM – “The training was an excellent opportunity to explore the role of the CDAO in the hospice sector. It provided a really safe place to discuss issues and to find solutions.”

JW – “Fabulous course, will really help me in ensuring that I am fulfilling the role as CDAO and support me in improving processes training etc. within my place of work. Having a group of people on the course from the same area of work was really beneficial and I think it enhanced the training whilst also networking and building relationships. Thank you.”

VG – “Such a valuable course. I have learned so much and will implement so many improvements on the back of my learning. Many thanks.”


Feedback – 2 Day CDAO Course (In House)

Birmingham April 2019

DS – “Both of the trainers were excellent. Informative, extremely knowledgeable and gave lots of opportunity for discussion. The whole 2 days went really quickly due to the innovative way in which the content was delivered. There was no time to lose interest or get bored because the content was delivered in small pieces allowing you to absorb the knowledge before moving onto the next part.”

CC – “Both trainers were excellent – informative and knowledgeable and the sessions were delivered at just the right pitch.”

DS – “I would definitely recommend this course to give an insight into the role and responsibilities of a CDAO. Thank you.”

Feedback – 1 Day CDAO Refresher Training 2019

Newmarket (In House) 17th June 2019

JLW – “Long awaited update day for me professionally, very pleased to finally have been enabled to attend. Legislations tough, but Tutor Gail made very informative and enlightening. Great also to have members of the LIN in audience also. Thank you so much for this great service.”

South Wales (in House) 27th March 2019.

MD – “Very knowledgeable presenter. Immensely helpful with questions.

Feedback – 2 Day CDAO Training (Open Course)

Manchester March 2019

DM – “Excellent course that was well planned and facilitated. Excellent blend of theory, discussion, and reflection.”

GD – “Excellent facilitators/trainers. Really good learning and preparation for the CDAO role, thank you. Venue easy to get to with good facilities.”

Feedback – 2 Day CDAO Course (In House)

Cardiff March 2019

TA – “I really enjoyed the course especially the problem based learning and the real life stories shared with us. The trainers were really good and brought their personal experiences to the training. The food was great. I have tried to source CD legislation in the past with difficulty. Being shown where to access this information was really helpful. Thank you so much.”

KH – “This was an excellent course pitched at the right level. The learning will be hugely beneficial for my role now and in the future.”

BT – “A very useful couple of days; an opportunity to stop and reflect on the vastness of the role of being CD Accountable Officer in an environment which is supportive and progressive.”

Feedback – 2 Day CDAO Course (Open Course)

Liverpool January 2019

WDL – “An excellent course and I am returning to the hospice with a long list of actions that will ensure we remain not just compliant but outstanding in our management of controlled drugs.”

CN – “A well-structured and comprehensive course, highly useful to the role of CDAO. Would recommend for both new and experienced CDAOs.”

JS – “This is a course that you know you have to do as a CDAO but don’t look forward to doing thinking it will be tedious. This definitely wasn’t the case and I enjoyed the training. The balance of approaches was good and the interactive nature supported learning.”