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Coronial Death – Partnership

Coronial Death Partnership Process Consultancy

The initial response and subsequent investigation of the thousands of non suspicious sudden deaths handled by Police and HM Coroners can be a time consuming and intensive process.

Eddie Thistlethwaite OBE is a recently retired Senior Investigative Officer who worked in partnership with HM Senior Coroners to ensure a consistent approach to all coronial and certified death investigations. His input and expertise streamlined processes and led to huge savings in resources. This resulted in dramatically improved performance within the police and partnership roles.

Sancus Solutions offers Eddie’s expertise as a consultancy service advising on how to work locally in partnership with HM Coroner, police, ambulance and  health services to improve the response for unexplained coronial deaths.


What does the Coronial Death Partnership Process Consultancy deliver?

It provides consultancy advice and shares experience in the following areas:

  • How to design and deliver an evidenced based project between HM Coroner, police and key partners
  • How to bring partners together to work more effectively
  • How to agree consistent partnership processes
  • Working to a template for file preparation to satisfy HM Coroners and families at inquests
  • The use of hearsay evidence and pre-inquest conferences to minimise witness abstractions from the work place yet satisfy the coronial process.
  • Inquest Preparation
  • Giving Evidence at an Inquest


Dr. James Adeley the Senior Coroner for Lancashire

“Eddie Thistlethwaite initiated, and was instrumental in delivering the program that persuaded four Lancashire Coroners to collaborate to standardise their working practices and reporting criteria of deaths. He initiated a program for training both frontline police officers attending deaths in recording relevant information for the coroners file and senior police officers in submitting an overview statement covering a multiplicity of evidence. This dual pronged approach has produced significant efficiency and cost savings both in terms of police time at scene and efficiently summarising evidence, both of which have improved the evidence available for a Coroner’s inquest and consequently the service offered to bereaved families. This project exemplifies partnership working between a Constabulary, Coroners and partner agencies which have produced sustainable and ongoing improvements and resilience in working practices.”



Consultancy Enquiries

For any enquiries please contact us and our senior course trainer Eddie Thistlethwaite will be pleased to arrange a consultation.