Quality Management Policy

Sancus Solutions is the largest dedicated Investigations Skills Training and Investigations and Review Services company in the UK.

At Sancus Solutions we operate a robust internal quality assurance system, ensuring that the consistency and accuracy of the services that we provide meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

The objectives of our quality assurance policy are to ensure that:

  • Our practice is consistent across all programmes and for all participants.
  • We identify our strengths and the areas requiring development and we use this to inform the process of continuous improvement.

The delivery of quality training and development requires the deliverers to be suitably qualified, either by holding nationally recognised qualification(s) and/or, due to their knowledge and experience in their specialist field, they are considered subject matter experts (SME).

  • To promote and support the quality of the programmes and services that Sancus Solutions provide. This involves all who are concerned and connected to the delivery of Sancus activities. All are individually responsible for the quality of their own work.
  • To provide a continuous check on the consistency and quality of delivery and the consistency, quality and overall assessment of the learner.
  • To highlight and address any occurrence that may arise prior to, during or following the delivery of a course or part of a course.
  • To provide all parties with an overview of the quality management policy.
  • To provide trainers with feedback on the quality of their course content and their professional practice.

All management, employees, associate trainers, sponsors and course delegates. The management of the process will be through the existing organisational structure.


To ensure that our approach to quality is successful staff will be responsible for identifying sponsor and candidate requirements and ensuring that correct procedures are adhered to in order to meet those requirements. The company’s Senior Management Team are responsible for maintaining quality standards through conducting regular performance reviews. The company’s Senior Management Team will also support processes that make it as easy as possible for all sponsors, delegates, staff and trainers to provide feedback, make constructive suggestions and recognise good practice. The Management team are responsible for determining, setting and monitoring targets and objectives that relate to the quality management systems so as to promote a culture of continuous improvement and development within the company and ensure that quality requirements are met.

We aim to support new and existing training staff in their role and to promote the use of Continual Professional Development (CPD) for all.


All associate trainers must be qualified to deliver training on behalf of Sancus Solutions. It is the responsibility of the trainer to provide evidence of their qualification(s) and experience and the responsibility of the management team to maintain a trainer qualification record.

Training staff are responsible for their own CPD and for ensuring that the quality of their own teaching practice is maintained and developed. Trainers are required to provide evidence of their own CPD relating to their own specialism (minimum 12 hours per year). It is the responsibility of the Management Team to ensure compliance and maintain the CPD record for each trainer. A Continuing Professional Development Record is available for use if required.

Trainer Observation

The purpose of undertaking the assessment of teaching practice and learning is to ensure that the standards of delivery are maintained on behalf of Sancus Solutions. Observation of teaching practice is a useful way to determine the standard and quality of delivery, teaching, learning and any assessment methods a trainer might employ.

Observations are also a good way to assess the skills, competencies and attitudes of a trainer. They can identify areas of good practice and areas which may need developing.

All trainer observations will be undertaken at a rate of 1 per year unless any area of concern has been identified. This will be reviewed by the management team with a view to interim observations taking place.

A newly appointed trainer will be subject to assessment within a shorter time scale. This will take place within the delivery of 3 courses or 3 months whichever is the sooner. Following that at a rate of 1 per year.

All observations will be undertaken following a set of criteria or standards. These criteria or standards will enable consistency of any assessment decisions made. All trainers will be appraised of the areas under assessment prior to any session observation taking place. Following the assessment, both verbal and written feedback will be provided to the trainer.


Assessors will assess the quality of teaching and learning provided to agreed standards, criteria and competencies. All assessors will be qualified to assess the teaching practice of others in that they will hold both a teaching qualification (minimum Level 3) together with holding an assessor’s qualification (A1/TAQA). They are not required to occupy a position, within Sancus Solutions, that differs from the trainer they are assessing.

It is the responsibility of the Management Team to ensure that assessors are suitably qualified.

Assessors are responsible for their own CPD and ensuring that the quality of their own assessment decisions are maintained and developed. Trainer/assessors are required to provide evidence of CPD, not only relating to their own specialism (minimum 12 hours per year), but also in relation to their role as an assessor. It is the responsibility of the management team to ensure compliance and maintain the CPD record for each assessor.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

Sancus Solutions is committed to providing a high-quality experience to all its delegates and sponsors through the courses we provide and the range of professional services we offer. We encourage a positive environment in which informal contact and feedback, from delegates and sponsors is welcomed and where complaints can be dealt with effectively. We evaluate all of our training delivery and professional services. We value and rely on this feedback to help us improve our services where necessary.

This feedback will be shared with the trainer so that they can reflect on their performance, consolidate good practice and if necessary, make appropriate changes to their content or delivery.

Both delegates and sponsors will be forwarded the respective evaluation documents following the completion of the course.

  • Delegates – as soon as practicable but, in any case, within 7 days.
  • Sponsors – within 7 days.

Upon receipt and following evaluation of the completed documents the Management Team will supply the trainer with the results.

Our training staff play a significant role in the quality assurance and evaluation process and feedback from them equally as important as that from our delegates/sponsors.
All trainers share the responsibility of identifying and recording instances of noncompliance or possible improvements. This is in order to both rectify any situation that may develop immediately and to prevent a recurrence. This may be due to a number of factors and can include instances involving equality issues, health and safety or where there is noncompliance on the part of the sponsor or individual delegate, or, any incident that the trainer believes may impact the effectiveness of the course or session being delivered.

In order to capture these observations all training staff are asked to complete a course evaluation which will be on line. This will be provided to you post delivery to Sancus Solutions as soon as is practicable following the completion of a course.

If, however, the trainer becomes aware of any issue that requires immediate attention, including Health and Safety and any safeguarding concerns, the trainer should take immediate action and alert the management team as soon as is practicable.

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