Independent Workplace Investigations

Independent Workplace Investigations

When allegations or complaints are made at work, it is important that they are taken seriously and investigated and responded to fairly, transparently and in a timely manner. Where the complaints fall under a specific employment procedure e.g. grievance, conduct and discipline, it is essential that an investigation is carried out within the context of the relevant organisation’s policy framework.

Getting the investigation right, and undertaken as expediently as possible is important – not just because of the risks to the employer if the investigation is deemed to be unfair – but also for the health and wellbeing of all parties concerned.

At Sancus we help you manage the risk associated with complex or serious employee relations cases by undertaking independent investigations into grievances and issues of conduct and discipline.

Sancus understands that being part of an investigation into complaints/allegations is stressful for all parties involved no matter what their role is in the process, and in undertaking the investigation will treat all parties fairly with dignity and respect.

Why Sancus

An Independent Investigating Associate from Sancus is appointed who brings experience in dealing with employee relations issues and adds value where:

  • Line managers do not have the time or skills to undertake an effective investigation
  • The organisation is small and there are not enough individuals who have not been involved in the issues to undertake a fair investigation
  • Where the employer wants to guarantee that the investigation is fair and transparent
  • Where the issues are extremely complex, or there are a large number of witnesses involved
How We Work

What will a Sancus Independent Investigating Associate do?

Investigation Services Offered:

  • Establish and agree terms of reference with the individual commissioning the service on behalf of the employer
  • Invite relevant people to interview, clarifying the context of the investigation and their role within it
  • Undertake interviews with relevant parties
  • Ensure all statements are signed off as accurate
  • Critically review the evidence
  • Compile the Investigation Report based on evidence gathered during the investigation
  • Arrange for Quality Assurance of the report
  • Send report to commissioner and discuss as required

The Investigation Report will set out:

  • The Terms of Reference, allegations/complaints, the relevant Policy context and supporting information and evidence gathered
  • Detailed analysis and findings – cross referencing with evidence gathered
  • Conclusions
  • Whether the evidence demonstrates the allegations have been substantiated
  • Any other recommendations
  • Appendices – detailing supporting information

Quality Assurance

Sancus are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our work are completed to the highest quality standard and in strict compliance with legislation and regulations. It is a condition of engagement that all personal identifiable information is processed in a safe and secure manner with access strictly restricted to colleagues who have a need to know.

Sancus ensures that the investigation is reasonable, helping the employer to mitigate against risks associated with an unfair process.


Should you wish to discuss how Sancus can support you with a Independent Workplace Investigations review, please contact Tony Hester on 01772 282800 or via e-mail