Medical Chronology Services

Medical Chronology Services

A medical chronology acts as a detailed timeline of a patient’s medical history, which will be relied upon by a solicitor as significant information to support and strengthen a malpractice case.

Compiling a comprehensive medical chronology brings clarity and focus to a series of complex facts, but can be a demanding and time consuming task. By outsourcing to Sancus, leading experts in undertaking serious and complex investigations for NHS England, our ‘in-house’ analyst will research and review the patient’s medical history, concentrate on the detail and put together a complete chronology to save a solicitor time.

Why Sancus?

Sancus are leading specialists in delivering Mental Health Homicides and Serious Incident Investigations and Reviews as part of NHS England’s framework, and have also led over forty Domestic Homicide Reviews nationwide in the past five years.

We are proficient at dealing with patient’s medical records, have an understanding of medical and legal principles and always report on our findings accurately and consistently.

At Sancus we investigate and review high profile cases; protecting confidential and sensitive information is vital to our work, reputation and corporate values. Sancus operate from a secure office facility and have invested extensively in information security systems. Our team are experienced in complying with information security, policy and practices and we are used to handling large quantities of data in a paper and digital format.

All investigations, reviews and reports are conducted by a ‘Sancus Approved’ multi-disciplinary team of associates, who are leading specialists in their field. Alongside clinical and managerial expertise, many of our associates have a background in the police and medical regulation.


All associates engaged by Sancus are professionally aware of and fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and Caldicott Principles; it is a condition of engagement that all personal identifiable information is processed in a safe and secure manner with access strictly restricted to colleagues who have a need to know..

Quality Assurance

Sancus are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our work are completed to the highest quality standard and in strict compliance with legislation and regulations.

We operate a robust internal quality assurance system, ensuring that consistency and accuracy of the services that we provide meet and exceed the needs of our clients.


Should you wish to discuss how Sancus can support you with compiling a chronology please contact us on 01772 282800 or via email at