Courtroom Skills for Healthcare Professionals

Courtroom Skills for Healthcare Professionals

In today’s world, healthcare professionals make frequent appearances, whether as a professional or an expert witness, before various courts and tribunals.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, and all of those others involved in the delivery of clinical healthcare can find themselves testifying in both the criminal and civil courts, as well as regulatory tribunals and misconduct hearings.

The courtroom can be an intimidating environment especially for those who have little experience. Hence, familiarisation training  is an essential step for those unfamiliar with giving evidence.

How Can Courtroom Skills Training Help You?

The Courtroom Skills training course prepares you for giving evidence as a witness. It is an intensive, highly practical and experiential form of giving evidence training, designed especially for healthcare professionals.  It can also  be adapted to meet the needs of particular organisations or individuals. The course is helpful to those individuals who need to give  evidence either as a professional witness, expert witness or both, in court or at a tribunal hearing.

You will learn how to prepare to give evidence, and to make the right impression from the start . You will understand the importance of being familiar with the evidence to be presented and how to explain and justify investigative decisions or expert opinions under cross-examination.

Courtroom Skills

The Courtroom Skills training course can be delivered at your own premises, on a date of your choosing and for up to 12 delegates.

The cost of a one day course is £1750+vat

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Healthcare Courtroom Skills Training

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