Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Organisational and employee benefits from Conflict Management Training

Sancus Solutions is offering a one-day training course in conflict Management. The course demonstrates tried-and-tested and easy to master methods of dealing with problematic situations. This training is aimed at equipping staff members with the necessary skills and knowledge to defuse potentially aggressive or violent situations which arise in the workplace.

The primary advantage for organisations in training their staff in conflict management is the ensuring of safety for all parties involved, as well as avoiding any potentially protracted disputes which may be expensive and reputation damaging.

Conflict Management – In House Training

Sancus Conflict Management Training can be delivered for your organisation, at a venue and time of your choice and each course will have the capacity to train up to twenty delegates at a time

The Sancus conflict Management training will be beneficial for any role which involves inter-action with customers or service users including

  • Revenue protection employees
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • HR personnel
  • Healthcare workers
  • Local authority personnel
  • Wardens
  • Lone workers

Conflict Resolution Course Details and Aims

This one day course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including

  • Risk assessment
  • Conflict prevention
  • How to successfully and safely management a sudden confrontational situation.
  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Recognising and understanding body language

Our experienced trainers will demonstrate practical exercises and examples devised to give attendees real-world skills to use in the workplace to assess conflict risk, management conflicts and prevent conflict from arising.

Why Sancus?

Sancus Solutions is committed to delivering the very best in training for improving working practice. As a result our courses are designed to be as comprehensive and thorough as possible, equiping delegates with essential knowledge and constructive practical skills for implementation in the workplace.

All courses are delivered by enthusiastic, engaging and highly qualified trainers who have a wealth of experience in their areas of expertise. This professionalism is invaluable in terms of conflict resolution training. Delegates will learn from trainers with substantial experience in the methods taught and will therefore leave the course with a solid and lasting new awareness of how to resolve conflict in the workplace in a professional and – most importantly – safe manner, no matter what specific industry their organisation represents.