Recent Contact Police Deaths (DSI)

Recent Contact Police Deaths (DSI)

Recent Contact Police Deaths (DSI) is an essential course for all those in a management or investigative role following a ‘recent police contact’ death.

The Police Service in England and Wales is legally obliged to ensure deaths that occur following direct or indirect contact with the police are robustly and transparently investigated.  This intensive course will cover what does, and does not, constitute such a ‘recent contact death’, how they must be investigated and the interaction with the IOPC and Coroner in their independent scrutiny roles.

This is not just a course about deaths in custody, it covers the full remit of deaths to be referred to the IOPC and follows the journey from discovery and investigation to judicial scrutiny, be it in a Coroner’s Court or elsewhere.

Facilitated by a former Head of PSD  this course will draw on his significant experience in the field to ensure students achieve the greatest possible understanding of the issues involved and have the knowledge and skills to conduct transparent, effective investigations and effectively engage with statutory partners and families of the deceased.

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DSI training can be delivered for your organisation, at a venue of your choice at a time convenient to you.

Please contact us and our senior course trainer will be pleased to arrange a consultation.

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Numbers on courses are limited and due to the positive response to our PSD courses we recommend you contact us to register your interest and reserve places.

If you prefer, we are able to arrange bespoke PSD Courses throughout the country, either at your organisation

or at a suitable venue nearby, and at a time that is convenient to you.

Please contact the course lead, Ian Kennedy, 07814 904830 or email for details

Our PSD course lead Ian Kennedy and can be contacted on 07814 904830 or email for further details.


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