Well, here it is!

After Sancus recently become new members of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, we have our first publication in their quarterly magazine.

See it here https://bit.ly/2nbTWtL or it is reproduced below.

Sancus Editorial in The Voice Magazine

Investigative Training Specialist Sancus Marks 10 Successful Years

When former senior police detectives Mick Turner and Tony Hester set up Sancus Solutions during the height of the financial crisis a decade ago they knew it was going to be a tough call.

But ten years later the Preston based company has grown to become the country’s leading investigative skills training provider with major public and private sector clients throughout the UK as well as in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They have also diversified to provide related training for healthcare organisations including NHS Trusts, private hospitals, ambulance trusts and charities.

“We provide essential training that enable organisations to conduct professional internal investigations into areas such as fraud, misconduct, disciplinary, breaches of Health & Safety and critical incidents within a healthcare environment; any area where an investigation is undertaken,” says Mick. “Witnesses must be interviewed and evidence secured that may ultimately have to be presented to a hearing, tribunal or even a court. They will expect a professional delivery and the cost of getting it wrong can have a major consequence on the outcome and the reputation of the organisation.”

“Looking back, we quickly decided that the investigative skills we had gained were transferable to other organisations both in the public and private sectors. This enabled the business to grow its client base to agencies such as the Home Office, the National Crime Agency and HS2 in addition to healthcare organisations. At the same time, we’ve expanded to serve the private sector in the same way and we are proud to be trusted by major companies such as Virgin Media, RBS, Glaxo Smith Kline and William Hill.

“We provide training to cover all aspects of this process, either through ‘public’ courses or bespoke ‘in house’ training that can be delivered at a time and venue of your choice and is an extremely cost-effective solution.”

“We are also a provider of an extensive range of professional, online e-learning training covering staff development in Healthcare, Clinical care, H&S and the broader areas of staff and management CPD. As a small company we are well aware of the cost of ongoing staff development and have devised a range of offers for Chamber of Trade members to access unlimited and discounted e-learning CPD packages for their staff.