The decision to set up a company dedicated to training people to utilise modern day investigative skills wasn’t a difficult one.


At a meeting in a Birmingham hotel more than ten years ago we were more than happy that the skills we and our former policing colleagues had were widely useful and transferable. Deal done, let’s start a company and see how it goes.


Ok, someone said, what do we call ourselves?. That is when it got difficult. Trying to find a name which represented what we wanted to do, but hadn’t already been taken by someone and didn’t offend anyone proved to be an unexpected challenge. Hours of discussion and hundreds of suggestions later we were making no progress.


We started going through lists seeking inspiration. Signs of the Zodiac? Not really us. Colours? All been taken and anyway a bit boring. How about the names of mythological Gods? A quick burst on Google led us to Sancus who was the Roman God of trust, honesty and oaths. Problem solved and he has been with us ever since.


Here are a few things you might not know about Sancus the God, not the company

    • There was a Temple dedicated to Sancus on the Quirinal Hill in Rome until 456 BC
    • The only known statue of Sancus was believed to have been found on Tiber Island in Rome. It now stands in the Galleria dei Candelabri of the Vatican Palace. He hasn’t got any hands.
    • Our words ‘sanction’ ‘saint’ and ‘sanctity’ come from the name Sancus
    • Sancus was the son of Jupiter the God of heavenly light
    • You can only swear an oath to Sancus under the open sky so his temple had a hole in the roof. Possibly the worst excuse ever from a dodgy builder?
    • He is often referred to as Semo Sancus. Semo is a Latin word for a type of supernatural being who are guardians of the State.


Sancus is also the God who protects law, commerce and contracts so we can’t rule out his influence in Sancus Solutions still trading after ten years and having delivered training all over the world for a host of blue chip clients.


Anyhow being the God in charge of trust, honesty and loyalty he certainly suits the way we do business. We are happy to be under his protection.


Sancus is the largest dedicated intelligence and investigations training company in the UK.

We deliver a wide range of professional investigative training products and CPD accredited e-learning courses.

If you would like to learn more or discuss how we can help you, contact us.

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