Sancus were delighted to deliver training at the Royal Academy of Police in Bahrain. Directors Tony Hester, Tony Hutchinson and Sancus Senior adviser Bill Griffiths were accompanied by four other trainers to deliver the four week programme of courses.

The programme, which ran through June and July this year, included a four week Serious Crime Course, CCTV training  and eight 2 day Crime Scene Management courses.

Sancus Director Tony Hester, who has vast experience of organising police training in foreign countries said ” we were delighted to be given this opportunity. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of delivering this training in Bahrain. The Bahraini’s were not only very welcoming, but they were also very receptive to what we were teaching. The feedback from all the students was fantastic”

Whilst in the country Sancus Senior Advisor Bill Griffiths presented a vision for the future of Investigation Skills Training in Bahrain to The Chief of PublicSecurity, Major-General Tariq Al Hassan and his senior team.  The hope is that Sancus will continue to work the Bahraini police in enhancing their investigation and interviewing skills, as well as help in developing a Bahrain Crime Training Faculty.