Sancus is nine years old today! Nobody (probably including us) thought it a great idea too launch a training company in the eye of a financial storm when budgets were being slashed everywhere and the public sector was striving to cope with astonishing financial cutbacks. We have grown from an outfit that was basically a website and a mobile ‘phone to a truly international training provider of unique investigative courses.
Sancus have delivered training to every one of the police forces in England and Wales and have become the provider of choice for many of them in areas such as Professional Standards and Road Death Investigation. Other valued public sector clients include the Home Office, the National Crime Agency and HS2. We have also been privileged to train local authorities and health trusts too numerous to mention. In the private sector we are proud to have been trusted by major companies such as Virgin Media, RBS, Glaxo Smith Kline and William Hill.
Our trainers have clocked up plenty of air miles over the years travelling on our behalf in Rwanda, South Africa, the United States, China, India, Kuala Lumpur, Bahrain and Singapore.
It goes without saying we couldn’t have done it alone and over the years we have had loads of advice and wise council from many people and we are proud that many of them have stayed with us for years either working in our offices or helping us from afar. Most of all the public face of our company, the trainers, have delivered stellar service to our clients all over the world.
Our thanks go to you all.

Tony & Mick

Tony Hester & Mick Turner
Sancus Solutions