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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Sancus Solutions Open Source Intelligence internet investigative skills training

What is the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course about?

The course will demonstrate in a ‘hands on’, practical fashion how to effectively and safely conduct online research to assist in investigations, research and extended due diligence enquiries. Delegates will get the opportunity to participate in practical exercises designed to enhance their learning experience

Key Skills Covered

  • What the Internet is and how valuable it can be during investigations
  • Online investigator safety and privacy issues
  • Surface, deep and dark web issues
  • Navigating and searching the Web in an effective manner
  • IP research and domain tracing
  • Social media
  • Understanding blogs and forums
  • Image searching
  • People searching
  • Evidential captures
  • Various practical exercises
  • Researching without leaving a ‘footprint’

(OSINT) Who For?

  • The compliance industry
  • Those involved in ‘know your customer’ and enhanced due diligence
  • Public and private sector investigators
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Professional Standards Investigators
  • Those involved in internal discipline or grievance investigations
  • Journalists

Internet Investigative Skills

The Internet is a growing and ever complex source of information. Sancus, in partnership with Intelect Solutions, now has a course that will demonstrate how this resource can be accessed safely and efficiently to gather evidence and intelligence. If you are managing risk, seeking to find people, companies and assets then this course will give you the ability to do that without even leaving your desk. Our presenter, Colin Tansley,  is a former senior police intelligence officer who is now an Internet investigator and trainer.


Course Enquiries

We are able to arrange bespoke OSINT Courses throughout the country, either at your organisation or at a suitable venue nearby, and at a time that is convenient to you. Please contact us and our lead trainer will contact you to discuss your OSINT training requirements.

Sancus Solutions Open Source Intelligence internet investigative skills training

Two Day OSINT Training – Manchester 2015

“All security and risk management professionals should do this course”. – CH “Incredibly interesting. So much information in two days. Thank you”. – NW-J ” An all round excellent course. MA Excellent course and excellent trainer”. DJ “The course was very fluid and interactive which made it both enjoyable and interesting. I gained vital knowledge whilst on the course for my area of work and can also use it during my personal internet browsing”. CG “Good fun course, trainer very helpful”. AM