Investigative Interviewing – Telephone or Video Conferencing



Investigative Interviewing Skills Training

One Hour video presentation

Cost £30+vat.

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Investigative Interviewing – Telephone or Video Conferencing

We are living in a changing world. Nowadays, rather than meet face to face, we are much more likely to have to carry out important interviews over the telephone or via video conferencing software.

This presents new challenges for interviewers. It is still essential to obtain a full and accurate account from a witness but to do this remotely needs a change of approach.

Delivered by experienced investigative interview trainer, Emma Larsen-Williams, this virtual course lasting approximately one hour will demonstrate how to:

  • Apply best practice for taking accounts/statements over the telephone or video
  • Plan a telephone/video interview
  • Identify different question types
  • Utilise the ADVOKATE mnemonic in taking witness accounts
  • Take a witness statement using the 5 part structure

The course is a 60 minute video presentation, delivered by Emma Larsen-Williams, a leading investigative interview specialist.

To video can be viewed on any suitable device.

The cost is £30 +vat.

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