“The course was very informative and relevant to my role, as well as being delivered in a positive and spirited manner” – L.J.

“The training was delivered in ‘bite-size’ chunks, which made it easier to understand. I think it also helps that the trainer served in the police prior to entering the training environment as she was aware of the pitfalls that can happen when disclosure is not adhered to, in terms of court cases being discontinued” – L.T.

“Excellent delivery of the course, relevant and current” – R.J.

“Extremely relevant course presented by a knowledgeable trainer” – R.R.

“An excellent input at the right pace for learning and digesting the keep parts of the legislation will lots of practical examples to aid the learning” – S.B.

“The trainer was very good and managed to get across quite a dry subject” – S.M.

“Excellent course, really useful and well delivered” – A.B.