“Course was informative & I will definitely be referring to some of the slides from the Power Point going forward. Ian and Ray really helped make the course interesting. They are clearly very knowledgeable on the topic and that shows. Great course, I enjoyed it and will find it helpful going forwards with my new role. Thank you!” – SS

“A brilliant course whether you are new to the role or just looking to update your current skill set. The trainers made it interesting on what can be a very dry subject and gave a good balance between training and discussion time.” – GF

“Excellent course that promoted challenging and insightful discussions and has already helped me improve the way I lead my team and make decisions within the workplace. Completely worthwhile course and I will look out for future courses to improve my knowledge and understanding. Thanks for a great week.” – PS

“A really engaging course, the trainers dealt with all of the questions and scenarios posed by attendees well and facilitated debate amongst us all. Really informative and helpful.” – A-JG

“Fantastic course all round. I attended as a new AA and a Supt and found it incredibly useful to understand the PSD world and what my teams would be doing and how they do it. Well worth attending.” – DL