“The course was superb and well co-ordinated. Both of the trainers adaptability and flexibility to move the timetable around and move between different subjects to accommodate live queries worked really well. Overall, it was a brilliant week, got the old brain cells working hard and certainly lots to take forward into my role. Great stuff Ian and Ray!!” – HP

“Having only started in PSD the week before the course, the trainers were able to deliver the content in a way that I was able to both understand the material and to see how I could implement changes in our current operations. Both Ian and Ray were engaging – they managed to convey the seriousness of the subject, whilst making it an interesting and often amusing course.” – CS

“A really enjoyable course that has given me a real insight into the whole of the PSD world and some valuable suggestions about how we can use the opportunities presented by the new regulations to simplify our complaints process. Thank you for simplifying things for me.” – RB

“Excellent training, very well presented and appropriately paced.” – LY