I’ve done a witness interview with a XX today and I used the 9-box interview plan, which worked so well! I cannot help to telling you how excited I am to see how effective and powerful this tool is!

Because the interviewee is a XX, who’s very busy; I intended to cover more questions in a limited time period. I prepared myself to ensure I don’t miss any point. So I drafted a question list in my usual way and drew the key topics and questions in the 9 box way, as well. During the quite intense interview, I had limited time to gather my thoughts together and I found that through the 9 box model, it was so easy to pick up the topics and questions and run/control the interview in a fluent way. Everything became so logical and even moving from topic to topic was so smooth.

Thanks for the great training you delivered. Life is a journey of learning. I hope I can learn more from you in the future.

All the best!