Sancus Workplace InvestigationThe ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures continues to apply during the current pandemic and employers need to consider how to proceed in a fair and reasonable way.

Workplace investigations into issues of discipline and grievance should be carried out in accordance with public health guidelines and ACAS has published specific guidance on disciplinary and grievance procedures during the coronavirus pandemic in response to the challenges of social distancing and lockdown faced by employers and employees in managing these processes fairly.

At Sancus we help you manage the risk associated with complex or serious employee relations cases by undertaking workplace independent investigations into grievances and issues of conduct and discipline, and employers may find this particularly important where;

  •  Line managers do not have the time or skills to undertake an effective workplace investigation.
  • The organisation is small and there are not enough individuals who have not been involved in the issues to undertake a fair investigation.
  • Where the employer wants to guarantee that the investigation is fair and transparent.
  • Where the issues are extremely complex, or there are a large number of witnesses involved.

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