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Road Death Lead Investigator – Accreditation and Assessment Course

Road Death Lead Investigator – Accreditation & Assessment Course

Sancus offers a one day Road Death Lead Investigator Accreditation & Assessment Process  course which will equip supervisors to assess evidence from delegates to support accreditation. The course has been developed in accordance with the learning outcomes published in the College of Policing Roads Policing Learning Programme “Leading Serious  Investigations” .

The objective of the course is to prepare supervisors and mentors for the management of the assessment process for officers leading investigations into serious road collisions.

The assessment process should commence at the earliest opportunity once the candidate has completed the Road Death Lead Investigator Course in accordance with the learning outcomes scheduled in the College of Policing National Policing Curriculum module on Leading Serious Collisions Investigations (ENPSX417)

Course Pre-requisite

To act as an assessor the delegate should:

  • Have current knowledge and experience in the role of Road Death Lead Investigator and be able to interpret and make judgements on current working practices.
  • A qualification as an assessor that meets the requirements of the Police Sector Standard for Training Assessors is desirable but not essential.


Road Death Lead Investigator Assessor Course outcomes

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to

  • Devise and conduct a one to one assessment session to be held with a candidate on completion of the candidate’s Road Death Lead Investigators Course in order to evidence that the candidate has demonstrated sufficient knowledge of the function to progress to the practical application in the work place.
  • Devise an appropriate action plan for a candidate who has not acquired sufficient knowledge to progress to performance of the role of Lead Road Death Investigator.
  • Devise a development plan for a candidate to ensure that they have access to appropriate assessment opportunities.
  • Explain the role of the mentor/assessor in supporting the candidate in the process of gaining practical competence in the role of Road Death Lead Investigator.
  • Explain the process of providing and recording evidence of the candidate’s competence in the performance of specific tasks related to the role.
  • Describe the various methods of evidence gathering during the assessment process.
  • Explain the process of recording evidence and building a portfolio.