Root Cause Analysis Training

Why now?

The use of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training is key to improving patient safety and the experiences of people who use services. It has never been more important to learn from Adverse Incidents that occur across the Health and Social Care Sectors.

The recent review by the Care Quality Commission into the way NHS Trusts investigate deaths of patients in England highlighted the need for specialist training and support for staff completing investigations. The review found that “the quality of investigations is variable and staff are applying methods identified in the framework inconsistently.” (2016).

Our experience of undertaking Root Cause Analysis investigations over many years reveals the importance of committing the time required to undertake the investigation thoroughly, to ensure that information is systematically reviewed, causes are identified and that recommendations are relevant and are a response to identified learning.

Root Cause Analysis is an evidenced based investigation methodology which is widely recognised throughout the NHS. It is a “systematic investigation technique that looks beyond the individuals concerned and seeks to understand the underlying causes and environmental context in which the incident happened.” (NHS England)


The Course

This two day Root Cause Analysis training course is designed to provide delegates with the tools and knowledge required to undertake and lead a comprehensive RCA investigation.

The course provides an in-depth look at key RCA methodologies, tools and techniques. It is an interactive training event using case materials throughout to enable delegates to develop their knowledge and skills as they work through the RCA process.

The course focuses upon:

• The Root Cause Analysis investigation process

• Human factors and human error

• Duty of Candour and involving families

• Getting started- planning the investigation

• How to respond to unforeseen events

• Gathering and organising information and evidence

• Writing a timeline

• Interview techniques

• Identifying care and service delivery problems

• Analysing information to identify contributory factors and root causes

• Generating recommendations and report writing

• Identifying sources of support.

Where possible we make reference to delegates existing process and procedures.

The Sancus Root Cause Analysis Training can be purchased by organisations to run in house. Public courses with individually bookable places are also available.

Course trainers

Grania Jenkins is a senior mental health care, performance and quality professional who has worked in primary, secondary and third sectors. Grania has had extensive experience of undertaking investigations into unexpected deaths, critical and serious incidents, as well as Level 2 Root Cause Analysis investigations and thematic reviews for various NHS Foundation Trusts.In addition to clinical qualifications Grania holds a police professional investigation qualification – PiP 2 – investigating complex and serious crimes.

Amanda Hall is a registered Social Worker with over 30 years experience of operational management, education and training and undertaking clinical investigations within the health and social care sector. As the director of a workforce development consultancy company she has worked extensively with clients across the UK