As the largest, dedicated intelligence and investigations training company in the UK, we strive to provide exceptional training and learning products to all our clients.

Our NEW Sancus e-learning platform centres on developing and delivering learning products that increase the effectiveness of a learning journey; to help organisations and individuals learn smarter and perform better.

All Sancus e-learning courses are flexible and practical, which enables them to be personalised to any organisation and independent learner.

The Benefits Of E-Learning

The term e-learning was first introduced in 1999 and emerged as a new and exciting form of training, which has transformed the way people choose to learn:

  • It provides more flexibility than classroom based learning
  • Is accessible to more independent learners
  • Enables people to access e-learning platforms across a number of different digital devices
  • Courses are self-paced and good for retention
  • Provides a modern learning environment in which to study
  • Is more cost effective than classroom learning saving on travel and venue hire costs
  • Delivered in an environmentally friendly and sustainable work space
  • Provides a safe learning environment to work alongside like-minded individuals who have the same motivations
  • Offers emotional benefits to those who may struggle in a classroom environment.
How Does Our New E-Learning Platform Work?

The NEW Sancus e-learning platform allows us to create, shape and deliver personalised learning plans for our clients that inspire and encourage digital learning in a number of ways:-

  • Simple online e-learning courses created by a specialist trainer with a wealth of sector experience
  • A personalised, unique online learning experience providing individuals with the right tools to develop new skills, knowledge and attitude
  • Flexible, practical and accessible e-learning courses that can be picked up at any time, on any electronic device
  • Engaged learning through a variety of multi-media material, including videos, 360 assessments, quizzes, exams or webinars with live events
  • A clear overview of how the learning journey is progressing
  • A modern learning environment for course participants to connect
  • Training knowledge in a personalised way so that learners remember more and pass the course quicker
  • Support from an experienced online trainer to keep a track of student progress and motivation based on a clear set of statistics.

The NEW Sancus e-learning platform launches with Investigative Interviewing, essential when handling investigations; misconduct allegations; disciplinary inquiries or private investigations relating to insurance or personal injury cases. organisation and independent learner.