Investigative Interview Skills Training

Investigative Interview Skills Training

Do you need to conduct an Investigative Interview?

Investigative interviews are carried out in many different circumstances. Perhaps you work for a Local Authority and handle investigations as part of your role. You may regularly deal with misconduct allegations or disciplinary inquiries. You could be involved in private investigations relating to insurance or personal injury cases. Whilst there are many situations when you must conduct an investigation, they have one aspect in common, you must interview people to establish the facts. It’s not easy and Investigative Interview Skills Training is essential.

You must do a thorough job capable of withstanding rigorous scrutiny. You will potentially be interviewing people who are uncomfortable about providing statements. They may not readily recall the events you need to discuss. Interviewers must make sure they are consistent with everyone and accurately record what they say. The cost of getting it wrong at an investigative interview can be significant. It can have major repercussions for the investigation outcome. And that can have a big impact on your business or organisation. This means that Sancus Investigative Interview Training can be a cost effective way to safeguard your people and your organisation.

“In House” Training

This training will be delivered in your workplace for £695+vat plus any travel costs incurred. This makes it as convenient for you as possible and reduces your travel costs and time out of your workplace. The cost includes all training materials and telephone or e-mail support by the trainer for twelve months after delivery.

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How will enhanced Investigative Interviewing Skills help you?

Our Investigative Interviewing Skills Training makes sure you know how to conduct a fair and successful investigation interview. You’ll benefit from years of experience gained from conducting interviews. Based on the PEACE model of investigative interviewing  our trainers can advise you on the best way to deal with all types of investigative interview scenarios because we’ve been through them ourselves. Our experience helps give your investigation the best chance of surviving a robust challenge in the tribunal or courtroom. Whilst similar principles apply to all types of investigative interviews, you’ll get the maximum benefit possible as the training will be adapted to suit your exact circumstances.

Who needs Investigative Interview Skills Training?

  • Public and Private Sector Investigators
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Line Managers

What does the Training course cover?

  • How to plan and prepare for a successful interview
  • Using the PEACE model to structure and perform thorough interviews capable of withstanding detailed scrutiny
  • The 5 part witness statement and its benefit for the investigator
  • Memory enhancement (both interviewer and witness) including case guidance on descriptions given by eyewitnesses
  • The conversation management style of interviewing

Lancashire based organisations

We have competitively priced this training for Lancashire based organistions (or those very close to us).This training is delivered in your workplace for only £500+vat and represents a saving of almost 30% on our normal price. Again it includes all the materials and support for twelve months.

Please contact us and our senior course trainer will be pleased to arrange a consultation.


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