National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) Legal Exam

Like all police law exams the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) Legal Exam is crammed with hard to remember dates, authorisation levels and critical time periods.

This unfortunately makes the process more of a test of memory than understanding. With pass rates for both the sergeants and inspectors exams hovering around 35% it seems clear that any help you can get to pass this stage of the process would be more than welcome.

NPPF Examination Dates

NPPF Sergeants’ 2020 –  held between 9th & 11th November. 2020.

NPPF Inspectors’ 2020  –  held between 12th & 14th October 2020.

NPPF Quick Fire Exam Questions

Access your NPPF Quick Fire exam questions.

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How can we help you prepare for the NPPF Legal Exam

Sancus have devised a unique 70 Quick-Fire Questions Test to help you measure your progress and sharpen up your recall before sitting the exam. We don’t seek to replicate the format of the exam set by the College of Policing but simply to help you master the complex and confusing details found in all of the four subject areas.

These multiple choice questions can be completed quickly and easily on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

All the questions are included in both the sergeant and inspector syllabus as laid down in the current Blackstones Police Manual.

You can take the tests on any PC, laptop, tablet or other device using any operating system and you can pause the timing if it is not convenient to complete the paper all at one go.

Should you buy either of the papers off us and subsequently fail the NPPF we will give you a free licence to re-take our papers before you try the NIE again for real.

The NPPF Quickfire questions are an independent product and are not officially endorsed by any policing organisation.