Sancus has teamed up with one of the UK’s Leading Vehicle Forensics’ experts ‘Noel Lowdon’ to deliver the Vehicle Digital Forensics Masterclass





Vehicle Digital Forensics

Almost every modern vehicle now contains an infotainment system, these systems, monitor and record a tremendous amount of data. The problem is gaining access to this data, vehicle forensics is a notoriously difficult discipline, made even more so challenging by car manufacturers who are less than forthcoming with technical data.

Whilst currently overlooked by investigators, the infotainment system can provide a treasure trove for investigators, including favourite locations, recent destinations, navigation history, call logs, contact lists, SMS messages (content), vehicle events such as when and where a vehicles lights are turned on, which doors are opened and closed at specific times and connected devices whether over bluetooth / Wifi / Cable. This will no doubt prove a vital tool for investigators of serious and complex crime, where a vehicle has been used including fatal and serious Collisions.


Masterclass – This will be of particular relevance to SIO’s, Road death investigators and CSI.

The one day masterclass will provide an overview of vehicle infotainment systems and how they can provide a vital tool for investigators.

  • The technology behind the systems, including data types recoverable and extraction techniques.
  • We will cover best practice on vehicle recovery.
  • Considerations for CSI examinations.
  • Evidencing the data and potential disclosure issues.


Our Expert

Noel Lowdon is a former Detective who is qualified in forensic collision investigation, PIP accredited, Advanced Suspect Interviewing together with Vehicle System Forensics, Bosch Crash Data, Road Death Review as well as over 17 years operational experience in a variety of roles in the Police.

For more details follow the link to our Vehicle Digital Forensics Course.